15 June 2006

Terry VanderWert Named Senior VP and General Manager Of PRIMA North America

Terry VanderWert has been promoted to Senior Vice President and General Manager of PRIMA North America. In his new position, Terry will be responsible for all aspects of engineering, sales and marketing, manufacturing and customer service for all businesses (divisions) of the company.

Terry rejoined LASERDYNE at the beginning of 2003, where he previously served for over 15 years, as vice president in charge of this business unit within PRIMA North America. He has held a number of management positions with LASERDYNE over his 18-year career with the company. During that time, he was responsible for the introduction of many of the company’s very successful BeamDirector® products, including the models 780, 890 and 790. He was a key member of the product teams that successfully established the LASERDYNE BeamDirector products as a standard in the aerospace industry.

Contact: Terry VanderWert

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