15 June 2006

Universal Laser Systems offers 400 Watts Of Air-Cooled Laser Power

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. has upgraded its XL Series of industrial CO2 laser processing systems with the addition of a new laser platform that can be configured to provide 400 watts of air-cooled laser power. The direct air cooling eliminates the need for expensive chillers and complicated plumbing.

Two models are available: the XL-9200 features a 915x610 mm processing field and the XL-12000 is configured with a 1220x610 mm processing field. Both accommodate a broad range of materials and are designed to meet the most demanding industrial applications.

The XL Series offers several unique advantages over competing systems, such as the automatic detection of installed options, which assures quick and error-free machine setups. Also unique is an advanced beam indicator which precisely identifies the point of laser impact on the material’s surface. A further advantage is Universal’s patented High Power Density Focusing Optics™, a lens option that reduces the focused spot size.

The XL Series offers true stand-alone job management capabilities. Users can store and run thousands of jobs on XL’s 40-gigabyte hard drive without connection to a host PC, and change, store or restore any job parameter on the fly. Users can preview job files on the XL’s color LCD screen as well as display the status of each job as it is running. The control panel also provides an interface for system settings and diagnostics.

According to Chris Risser, Engineer Manager, "The XL Series has been designed to provide the ultimate in performance, flexibility, and ease of use. It can be configured with 10 to 400 watts of air-cooled laser power and can withstand severe industrial environments." Risser continues, "The 400-watt configuration is designed for the most demanding manufacturing applications, and allows for deeper engraving, cutting of thicker materials, and faster processing."

Contact: Cherie White

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