7 July 2006

Advanced laser beam diagnostics solutions for Fibre Lasers and Nd:YAG Lasers.

If you own a Fibre Laser or Nd:YAG Laser, then its time to invest in an advanced laser beam diagnostic system from Gentec-Electro Optics. These systems provide real-time online monitoring of laser power/energy with full beam profile images and statistical analysis.

Gentec-EO are uniquely placed to offer a complete beam diagnostic solution consisting of three elements: a Holographic Beam Sampler (HBS), a beam profiler and a laser power/energy meter

The HBS is a small diffractive optic (typically 1" diameter) that when placed in your beam provides low power, spatially representative samples of your beam at specified angles. These samples are sent to the beam profiler and laser power/energy meter for analysis. The HBS has an extremely high damage threshold, is compatible with all Fibre Laser and Nd:YAG Laser wavelengths and does not affect beam quality of the through beam. These features allow true online monitoring of your laser whilst your laser is marking, welding, ablating, etc.

Gentec have also made significant improvements to their highly successful WinCamD range of beam profilers. The high resolution WinCamD-UHR offers 5.2µm square pixels and is suited for smaller beams or applications that require higher resolution beam profiles. The high speed WinCamD-UHS captures pulses at up to 25 kHz, and is perfect for use with high repetition rate lasers. Both systems are USB2.0 compatible, allow the user to accurately measure all standard beam profile parameters, and with reduced body dimensions of only 61mm (H) x 89mm (L) x 22mm (D), will easily fit into tight beam trains.

The final part of the laser beam diagnostic system is the laser power/energy meter. Gentec’s SOLO-PE is the monitor of choice, offering both power and energy measurement, advanced statistics display and data storage capability. It also boasts a large back-lit LCD screen, long-life battery or mains operation and USB2.0 compatibility for data back up and analysis and is equally at home on the factory floor, in the field or in the laboratory.

Gentec-EO are proud to have been represented by Lambda Photometrics in the UK & Ireland for over ten years, providing quality laser beam diagnostic solutions to scientific, industrial and medical customers.

Contact: Adrian Piddington

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