7 July 2006

II-VI warns of Indium health hazard

Gareth Rowles of II-VI has brought it to our attention that there are people in the laser user community who are not aware of the health hazard of Indium; in particular of the importance of wearing disposable gloves to handle soft Indium wire when using it to mount laser lenses, for example.

A hazard data sheet on the Indium hazard, available free-of-charge from II-VI, includes the statement:

EFFECTS OF OVER EXPOSURE: Indium is a poison by subcutaneous route. It affects the liver, heart, kidney and blood. Teratogenic effects (tending to cause developmental malformations and monstrosities) are possible. Inhalation of indium compounds may cause damage to the respiratory system. Hydrated indium oxide is a poison by intravenous route.

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