7 July 2006

Microkerf Recruits new Solid State Works Manager.

Clive Grafton-Reed has joined Microkerf as Solid State Laser Works Manager.

It is certainly a change going from making lasers to using them but I have always been involved with the use of industrial lasers so this is a great match.

I am always looking to the future, and Microkerf offers some really exciting opportunities both technically and commercially in a very dynamic environment.

I am looking forward to the challenge.

David Gattward MD of Microkerf said "I am very happy that Clive has decided to join us at this exciting time in the Company’s growth. He brings a wealth of experience and new skills which will help us expend further"

Microkerf is best known for it’s speciality in fine cutting, welding and drilling, but also offers a range of other services to laser users and potential laser users.

Clive most recently worked for GSI as Product Manger for the JK Laser range of pulsed and CW lasers. In his 19 years with GSI Laser Division, he had a number of roles, both commercial and technical, in this country and overseas.

Contact: Clive Grafton-Reed

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