7 July 2006

New demo and full versions of JET-Term DNC software released

JETCAM International today released demonstration and full versions of its direct numerical control software, JET-Term. Now in its 8th version, the new release includes a new reporting engine and powerful nest view/part selection capabilities.

JETTerm DNC allows the transfer of NC output files to CNC machine tools through either serial IO connection, or file transfer if a PC is at the control. The Remote Download facility allows the user at the machine tool to send serial download requests for NC files directly from the control. JETTerm can also handle multiple serial NC downloads simultaneously and displays real-time download status on screen for each machine serial connection.

Component Identification

JETTerm 8 aids identification of cut parts on a nest, which in turn facilitates the removal and stacking of like parts, kits of parts, etc. Selecting the part number from the displayed list of parts on the nest will highlight the parts in a different colour on the nest view. Alternatively, users can select a part on the nest view and the part number will be highlighted on the part list.


JETTerm now utilises the same reporting engine found in JETCAM Orders Controller, thus making custom report interchangeable between both applications. It is compatible with existing JETCAM Expert FMS (nest) report files, allowing users to immediately produce reports for all of their existing nests. A custom report designer program is also available, allowing users to design their own reports, with no limit on the number of report designs that can be created.

Contact: Martin Bailey

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