7 July 2006

New Facility Furnished with Trumpf Machines

As part of a strategy to create a production facility separate to its prototype shop, Coventry-based DCM has opened a new high productivity fabrication centre at Warwick. Forming the centrepiece of the new facility is a TRUMPF L2510 flatbed laser and two TrumaBend V500 CNC press brakes, which produce small batch production components on a rapid turnaround Kanban system for a number of high profile automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies.

"We wanted to create a different philosophy at our new site," explains Managing Director Nigel Stokes, "one of lean manufacture and Kanban operation hence the machines we selected were vital to its success."

Although DCM has been a TRUMPF user since the early 1980s, the company had a long look at the marketplace before making its final decision. "We certainly considered others but as always the price/quality ratio of TRUMPF won out."

DCM’s new Warwick facility opened in January complete with an L2510 flatbed laser and two TrumaBend V500 press brakes. "Warwick is now our production centre," continues Mr Stokes. "All 14 staff at this facility are new recruits as we wanted to start with an open approach to the new methodology we were looking to impart."

Operating for automotive customers, as well as other clients in the aerospace, telecommunications and construction sectors, means DCM has had to gear up for Kanban deliveries. The company’s prestigious clients supply an empty storage box to DCM once a week to be filled with components of the correct quality and quantity. Batch sizes are typically in the region of 25-50 a week the largest batch is around 200. DCM processes parts ranging in thickness from 0.9 to 10mm, mostly from mild steel material.

"We have designed the whole process to be ultra lean," says Mr Stokes, "which means having flexible machines that can be set-up as quickly as possible one of the key reasons we selected TRUMPF. The L2510 laser has a self-loader, which is one of the best purchases we have ever made automation is absolutely crucial to compete with manufacturers based overseas in economies with a low cost base."

Formed nearly 50 years ago, DCM continues to be a leader in its field. The company’s headquarters remain at Coventry, where 70 staff are based, although the facility only produces prototypes since the opening of the Warwick scheduled production centre.

Mr Stokes says that it is the balance of quality, flexibility and price that sets DCM apart from its competitors, as well as one other key factor: process repeatability. "When we load a program and press the start button we need to feel confident that the part will come off correct we get that with TRUMPF."

Contact: Gerry Jones

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