7 July 2006

POWERLASE Receives Multiple Orders From LG Electronics For Flat Panel Display Manufacture. LG Electronics becomes first customer for the world's leading High power DPSS laser

LG Electronics has purchased multiple High power DPSS lasers from Powerlase: The brand new A08 is the highest power DPSS nanosecond pulsed laser currently available. The AO8 is the latest in a successful series of high power AO materials processing lasers to be released by POWERLASE.

Revenues generated from this order are expected to be recorded fully in the first half of 2006

LG Electronics conducts business in over 39 countries and is one of the major suppliers of PDPs and LCDs. LG Electronics has a mid-term and long-term vision to rank amongst the top 3 electronics, telecommunications, and information companies in the world by 2010.

The new A08 laser is a further development of the proven AO series: AO2 (200 Watt), AO4 (400 Watt), AO6 (600 Watt) all released by POWERLASE to address a variety of materials processing requirements. AO lasers have the highest power in their class and offer the end user a unique combination of features, allowing rapid material processing and the ability to replace existing industrial processes. AO series lasers can be optioned to have Attenuator and Fibre delivery.

Company comments

LG Electronics comments: "We are very satisfied with how quickly our POWERLASE Lasers have been qualified and the comprehensive service and support we receive. The very good production performance of our existing POWERLASE Lasers makes it a straightforward decision to choose POWERLASE Lasers for high volume production. The additional Lasers will enable us to ramp-up production capacity in response to market demand with excellent cost-efficiency"

Tony King, POWERLASE Executive Director and COO adds: "We are very proud that LG Electronics has chosen POWERLASE equipment to increase its manufacturing capabilities. Moreover, we note with particular satisfaction that a leading market player such as LG Electronics will be the first customer to utilise our newly developed A08 high power laser specifically within PDP manufacturing. The order confirms that POWERLASE's technology provides the performance enhancements manufacturers are seeking in today's Flat Panel Display marketplace. The new developments demonstrate POWERLASE's intention to continually improve the cost of ownership and technical performance of High power DPSS lasers."

Contact: Paul Harrison

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