7 July 2006

Spectra-Physics Announces New Collimated Diode Lasers Bars

Spectra-Physics has announced two new HCS series ProLite® diode laser bars. Both versions have been designed with the industry proven DCS series ProLite® diode laser bar housed inside a compact package that delivers a collimated beam in the 808 nm (±10 nm) centroid wavelength range. The first version delivers 35 W of output power with fast and slow axis collimation, and the other delivers 50 W of output power with fast axis collimation.

"We are very excited to introduce our new HCS Diode Laser Series because we believe that they offer significant performance and reliability advantages in medical and graphics applications," said Rajiv Pandey, Product Manager for Spectra-Physics. "The 35 W version is an ideal solution for medical applications because it enables easier integration into OEM systems applications where a line generator source is needed. It also simplifies customization with beam shaping optics for end-user applications.

Pandey continued, "For our graphics customers, the HCS series 50 W diode laser bars provide excellent beam uniformity and reliable performance in harsh environments such as high humidity conditions."

Contact: Jon Richardson

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