7 July 2006

Spectra-Physics Debuts Next-Generation Diode Laser Platform

Spectra-Physics has unveiled its next-generation high-efficiency, high-reliability 900-980 nm diode laser platform based on a new epitaxial design.

"We have demonstrated CW power conversion efficiency (PCE) as high as 71% for 940 nm single emitters (15 °C case temperature). More than 68.5% peak PCE at 25 °C was achieved from a 100-µm-wide, 3-mm-long single emitters designed for 8 W output power applications. This data is some of the best ever reported in our industry," said Franck Leibreich, Director of Marketing for Diode Lasers at Spectra-Physics. "Given these dramatic performance improvements, we expect that new devices based on this breakthrough technology will deliver higher output power and better reliability by design. In addition, these new diode laser single emitters, bars and stacks will leverage a proven, well-established manufacturing process that will yield consistent, repeatable results."

Leibreich continued, "Our next generation of diode lasers will drive significant performance enhancements in high-power laser systems such as diode-pumped solid state lasers and fiber lasers."

Contact: Jon Richardson

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