7 July 2006

Spectra-Physics Introduces New ProLite® Diode Laser Bars and Arrays with Passive Wavelength Stabilization

Spectra-Physics, a Division of Newport Corporation and a world leader in high-power diode laser solutions, today announced that its new passive wavelength stability capability is available on ProLite® BW and CW fiber coupled diode laser bars up to 30 W and on Monsoon® Series stacked diode laser arrays with output power up to 50 W per bar. Spectra-Physics passive wavelength stabilization capability delivers narrower linewidth, an improved wavelength stability of less than 0.5 nm FWHM, and centroid shift less than 0.5 nm from 15-45°C.

This will allow the end-user to maximize optical pumping efficiency by using laser diodes locked in a narrow bandwidth (full-width half maximum or FWHM of less than 0.5nm). Second, since the wavelength is fixed over a wide temperature and current operating range the optical pumping efficiency is maintained, leading to increase in overall system efficiency.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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