24 July 2006

NewEnsemble Epaq – Aerotech's new standalone multi-axis motion controller with integrated drives

Aerotech's Ensemble Epaq is an integrated, 6-axis desktop or 19 inch rack mounted motion control and drive system aimed at applications ranging from general purpose positioning and laboratory research through to advanced OEM systems. With integral 10 A peak amplifiers, capable of driving and controlling linear and rotary brushless, brushed and micro-stepping motors, the Epaq may be expanded to control a further three external drives offering 9 axes of completely co-ordinated motion and machine control from a single competitively priced unit.

Based upon Aerotech's A3200 and SoloistTM motion control platforms, the Epaq features Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Windows® based, HMI software that is simple to operate and adapt but is also able handle the most complex motion control tasks. The long list of application specific features covers multi-axis contouring, electronic gearing, position latching and velocity profiling with integrated I/O control and multitasking programming in a wide choice of languages.

Ensemble Epaq allows users to seamlessly mix up to six integral drives (PWM or linear brushless, brushed DC and microstepping) and feedback systems to exactly suit the application. This is particularly useful for general purpose and laboratory based work where the Epaq may be easily reconfigured from project to project, saving overall costs and extending the useful life of the motion control system. High precision direct-drive motor technologies may be freely mixed with traditional brushed and brushless servo motors, open loop and stepper motors for maximum flexibility.

It is envisaged that Ensemble Epaq will be used with Aerotech's wide range of mechanical positioning systems with direct-drive linear and rotary servo motors or mixed with the customers' own positioning solutions. The Epaq has been designed with the general purpose user and laboratory researcher in mind but as its modular design and flexibility allows considerable scalability, the integrated motion control and drive system should also be of interest to OEMs of medical and electronics packaging systems, laboratory and scientific analysis equipment manufacturers and other processing and test based automation users.

Contact: Cliff Jolliffe

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