24 July 2006

Powerlase Announces Major DPSS Laser Deal with Samsung SDI Co Ltd.

Powerlase Limited, manufacturers of the world's highest power diode-pumped, nanosecond Q-switched solid state (DPSS) lasers today announces the volume purchase of multiple Starlase AO6 lasers by Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest providers of plasma display panels.

A member of the Starlase series, the AO6 laser is a 600-Watt, nanosecond, Q-switched solid-state laser manufactured by Powerlase to address a variety of materials processing requirements. AO series lasers have the highest power in their class and offer the end user a unique combination of features, allowing rapid material processing and the ability to replace existing industrial processes. Powerlase has developed a number of options to give end users more flexibility in the delivery of the high power output of the AO6.

A Samsung SDI executive comments on the deal: " Powerlase has secured volume orders of its innovative Starlase AO6 laser following a successful long-term development programme with Samsung SDI. We were impressed with the capabilities shown by the Powerlase technical development team and the Starlase AO6 laser. The comprehensive service and support we have received has been excellent and we are impressed at the short amount of time it has taken to qualify the laser performance."

Tony King, Powerlase CEO adds: "We are extremely proud that Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., has chosen Powerlase lasers for its PDP manufacturing capability. We have worked tirelessly to develop our products, improving the cost of ownership and technical performance of high power DPSS lasers. Like Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on being a customer-focused organisation and are committed to developing the innovative laser applications that allow our customers to pass on quality, performance and cost benefits to their customers."

Contact: Annette Jones

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