24 July 2006

Scanlab offers "Vision" for scan heads

Laser processing systems often rely on galvanometer-based scan heads to position the laser beam with exceptional speed and precision.

Increasingly, applications also require vision systems for simultaneous process control or determination of workpiece orientation. However, direct visual observation via the beam deflection system is frequently not possible or yields unsatisfactory results. Such cases necessitate coupling the visual system in the beam path ahead of the scan head. Until now, accomplishing this task had been the responsibility of each system integrator.

SCANLAB now introduces a camera adapter that can be readily integrated into new or existing systems. Mechanically compatible interfaces enable quick and straightforward mounting between the scan head and laser flange. In the adapter, incoming light reflected from the work-piece is decoupled via a beam splitter and imaged by the customer's camera chip. The integrated objective unit is equipped with a focus ring for optimizing image sharpness. An iris diaphragm facilitates adjustments for brightness and depth of field. Additionally, mounting provisions are available for attachment of a color filter.

Customers can freely select a camera suitable for their requirements and attach it via a C-mount. The product is optimized for maximum image field size and excellent imaging quality.

Image field size depends on the focal lengths of the scan and camera objectives, as well as the camera's chip size. With appropriate cameras, resolution in the 10 ┬Ám range is achievable for a 120 X 120 mm2 working field.

Contact: Viola Schulze

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