24 July 2006

SIRILAS – A Compact and Powerful Laser Diode for Industrial Applications

OSRAM's SIRILAS range of high power laser diode is now available from BFi OPTiLAS Ltd. The latest addition to OSRAM's infrared product family is a cost-effective, high-reliability laser diode array, designed specifically for solid-state pumping, material processing, illumination and industrial applications. These diodes are also very compact, and can be stacked horizontally or vertically.

SIRILAS is around 20% smaller than current standard packages. The package is modular and enclosed, which makes it easier to handle and simplifies the manufacturing process. The enclosed casing keeps out dust and also protects against contact. SIRILAS is the first product in a new group of laser diodes with specially tailored heat sink. Integrated cooling ribs on which the laser bar is centred provide effective water cooling. An integrated lens produces an almost parallel beam, with vertical divergence of <1ΒΊ. This results in a better beam quality, making the laser suitable for use in direct processes such as sheet welding.

Contact: Dan Barlow

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