24 July 2006

Spectra-Physics Announces the Tristar™ UV Laser

Spectra-Physics, a Division of Newport Corporation, today introduced the Tristar™ high-repetition rate UV laser series. This new state-of-the-art light source offers an impressive combination of power and flexible repetition rates. It can be configured with more than 800 mW of 355 nm power at 100 kHz with a pulse width of less than 25 nanoseconds and a peak power stability of less than 5%. The repetition rate can be lowered to 50 kHz in order to achieve an average power of more than 2 W, or it can be increased to rates of up to 150 kHz in order to allow fast processing speeds. These features make the Tristar laser an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including memory repair, flat panel tilting, stereolithography and precision marking.

The new Tristar laser is an excellent choice for demanding applications where highly-focused spots, precision positioning and the highest possible throughput are absolutely necessary," says Dr. Wolfgang Juchmann, Senior Product Manager for Newport's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division. "Using this new laser, our customers can design systems where every pulse is precisely positioned on a micrometer scale. The Tristar ensures that the focus is round and tight enough to apply laser energy exactly where it is needed without damaging or wasting any surrounding material. Because it combines these beam quality advantages with a very high repetition rate while maintaining high pulse-to-pulse stability, we believe that the Tristar will help our customers make dramatic improvements in throughput."

Contact: Jon Richardson

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