29 July 2006

ADIGE laser tube cutting systems provide single cycle solution

The LT712D CNC Laser Tube Cutting System is a seventh generation product from BLM GROUP company ADIGE SPA of Levico Terme, Italy, that continues to revolutionise every aspect of the tubular fabrication process – from design to manufacture through to final assembly. Virtually any shape, however complex, can be laser machined on the end of a tube or at any point along its length, and it can all be done in a single cycle.

This latest generation Laser Tube System provides an 11% productivity increase compared with the previous generation system when processing round tubes and 16% for other sections. Bar change-over cycle time has been cut by 25%, while measuring, torsion and centering correction is 50% faster.

Eliminating traditionally separate processes such as sawing, punching, drilling, notching and deburring simplifies production planning and job routing, reduces stock and work-in-progress levels, and removes from the component the cumulative error associated with multiple machining processes. It also eliminates all the tooling costs, tool wear and tool changing times associated with traditional processes.

This latest ADIGE Laser Tube System can process round, square, rectangular and flat-sided oval section tube up to 152 mm diameter and 8.5m maximum length. Off-line programming software – TUBEWORK, ASSEMBLER and CIM – specifically developed for the machining of tubes creates new programs quickly and easily, typically less than 10 minutes from drawing to finished part., while the Siemens Sinumerik 810D CNC allows the operator to manage all the main functions, including program downloads. Fast set-up and change-over times – around three minutes – means short batches can be managed as cost-effectively as longer production runs.

The system can be supplied with a ‘clean tube' device to protect the tube internal surface. This option is particularly relevant to the machining of stainless steel tubes used in food processing equipment and in the manufacture of furniture and car and motorcycle exhausts.

Contact: Paul Lake

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