29 July 2006

Leicester Water Jet acquired by Guttridge Laserfab

Lincs-based sheet metal subcontractor Guttridge Laserfab are pleased to announce their acquisition of the business assets, work in progress and goodwill of Leicester Water Jet.

Guttridge are a progressive Lincolnshire based engineering manufacturing company and Leicester Water Jet adds a valuable Leicester base with a high performance water jet cutting capability to their established Laserfab division.

Managing Director, Peter Guttridge commented, "we will be continuing the friendly professional service that Chris Procter started in 2003, but also adding our complete range of laser cutting, bending, fabrication, welding, painting and assembly services to provide a more complete one-stop service".

Waterjet cutting is a modern process which relies on a high pressure water jet, usually with added abrasive media to cut materials as diverse as steel, aluminium, brass, plastic, rubber, stone, ceramics, glass, and composites at thicknesses up to 250mm - best of all, thereĀ“s no heat involved, so no burning, no heat affected zone, no distortion and no work hardening. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications where punching and laser cutting are not suitable.

John Midlen will be managing the Leicester base and doing his best to ensure a smooth handover, with the help of Ali Bourne and the rest of the Leicester Water Jet staff.

Contact: John Midlen or Ali Bourne

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