29 July 2006

Physical Agents Directive - Optical

The final version of the 'Physical Agents Directive' (Optical) was published in the European Journal in April 2006. It won't become de facto law across the EU until April 2010, during which time the HSE will publish a full consultative document on its implementation proposals. "I shall want to ensure that the legislation we develop and associated guidance will give a proportionate steer to employers on when it is and is not necessary to engage in a rigorous assessment process," said Steve Walker, Principal Specialist Inspector (radiation).

If you would like to see a copy of the final version as published in the European Journal please email the AILU office, and any comments you might have should be addressed to Steve Walker, at CHSD 4, 4N.3 Regrave Court, Merton Road L20 7HS; T: 01704 541443; E:

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