29 July 2006

POWERLASE Announces General Availability of The Markets Most Versatile and Powerful Industrial laser - The Starlase™ A08.

Powerlase Ltd has released the Starlase A08 diode pumped Acousto-Optic switched laser, which has proven highly successful in a diverse range of applications, particularly the plasma display panels (PDP) industry.

The latest member of the Starlase AO series, the AO8 offers 800 W of average power in a high-pulsed regime and is the highest average power of any diode-pumped Acousto-Optic switched laser on the market today. This means that the AO8 is ideal for applications that require accurate laser pulses for companies that demand high volume production, such as PCB production, microelectronics, electronics packaging, machine tools and in particular plasma display panel manufacture.

In addition the combination of the pulse energy, pulse duration and the lasers beam properties make the laser a very attractive tool for the ablation of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and the semiconductor industry.

Tony King, CEO of Powerlase comments, "We are committed to developing the laser technology that impacts the markets we serve.

"At this early stage, flat panel display manufacturers the world over are waking up to the benefits of incorporating our technology for best practice manufacture of panels. We're delighted that LG has selected our technology. We believe that we can build on this success and expand our business in PDP and related applications with our Starlase AO lasers in the near future."

Contact: Annette Jones

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