29 July 2006

The First 6 Axis in the UK

The Laser Cutting Co in the metal heartland of the country (Sheffield) has just installed the biggest automatic tube and beam cutting machine the UK has ever seen!

The newly installed Mazak Fabrigear 300 cuts metal tubes and beams - piece weights up to 1/2 tonne - and is capable of processing customers requirements up to 8 metres long in auto mode (longer for one off's). This is the first machine of its type in the UK; however, there are 10 of these jumbo machines in the USA.

The special 6 axis head swivels to not only process tubular product but also cuts contours and holes on the inside of H and I Beams - until now an operation only achievable (in the UK) more slowly and much less accurately by using plasma or flat bed cutting. This machine is therefore exceptional in itself, but add the fact that the Fabrigear can also cut a beveled contour (up to 60o) at the same time and you have a unique engineering solution providing a fully weld-prepared component.

"This will be an absolute boon to our fabricators, engineering, petro-chemical and constructional based clients alike, allowing them to save a great deal of money in dramatically reducing multi operations" said Managing Director John Stalker.

Further exciting changes are planned at Laser Cutting to provide customers with additional performance enhancing improvements. Laser Cutting was the subject of a Management Buy Out in January 2004 and has seen turnover more than double in the last 2 years.

Contact: Dee Wilde

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