2 September 2006

Laser Lines Exhibiting 75mW 561nm DPSS Laser

Laser Lines will be exhibiting Cobolt's new Jive 75 561nm laser at Photonex. "Like the rest of Cobolt DPSS lasers the Jive 75 features low noise, excellent beam quality, long lifetime, single longitudinal mode operation, and compact size," said Steve Knight. "The specifications on the beam size and divergence match those of an air cooled ion or HeNe laser which makes it suitable for direct drop-in replacement in flow cytometry and microscopy application, whilst the narrow spectral bandwidth and long coherence length makes is a particularly useful tool in spectroscopy, holography and interferometry applications."

The Jive 75 is in the same package as Cobolt's lower powered 561nm lasers (10 to 50mW) as well as their well-established 532nm (25mW to 150mW) and 473nm (25 to 50mW) lasers.

For 488nm applications Laser Lines offer the Calypso in the industry standard solid-state package at power levels of up to 50mW as well as the unique Dual Calypso, which also emits 532nm from a single laser in a collinear beam.

These lasers are designed and manufactured to ensure a high level of reliability, and are available with either an OEM controller for the system integration or a CDRH controller.

Contact: Steve Knight

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