2 September 2006

New Laser Beam Analysis Solutions on Show at Photonex

Spiricon's industry standard M2 measurement system is now fully compatible with our range of Firewire camera's.

Firewire means that users are no longer restricted to having to use PCI framegrabber cards. Simply plug the camera into a PC's Firewire port and the M2 control box into a USB port. The software takes care of the rest.

The M2-200 is the only commercial turnkey measurement system that conforms to ISO standards and is compatible with both cw and pulsed (any rep rate) lasers.

For users working on THz laser research Spiricon's Pyrocam THz is an essential addition. It is a 124 x 124 room temperature Pyroelectric camera that may be used from any wavelength from 1.06um out to >3mm wavelength (100GHz!). It uses a standard Firewire interface and comes complete with comprehensive laser diagnostic software.

Contact: Steve Knight

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