2 September 2006

Newport Corporation Demonstrates Micromachining of Solar Cells

Newport Corporation is debuting a turn-key system for micromachining of solar cells.

As the global demand for photovoltaic power increases, the need for more efficient manufacturing machines and processes become more important. Laser-based machining systems provide an ideal solution for many of the complex process required in the manufacturing of solar cells. Common processes include cutting, edge isolation, isolation scribing and making laser fired contacts (LFC).

Newport's system comprises a number of submodules. These include material handling, advanced machine vision, motion control, laser source and beam delivery. The system's material handling automatically transfers the parts to the work area where the solar cells are located using machine vision. Material handling options are available including handling of a wide range of panel sizes. The system's main high precision X-Y-Z gantry moves and precisely locates the beam delivery unit over the panel. The beam delivery unit them directs the laser for micromachining.

The machine is designed and manufactured by Newport's Integrated Solutions Business (ISB). ISB integrates lasers, optics, motion control, automation and software to provide a variety of end users solution.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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