2 September 2006

Powerlase partners with Japan Laser Corporation

Powerlase Limited, manufacturers of the world's highest power, nanosecond Q-switched, diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers today announces a distribution agreement with Japan Laser Corporation (JLC) for its market leading Starlase AO series lasers.

JLC will promote in Japan the latest AO Series nanosecond, Q-switched solid-state lasers manufactured by Powerlase. AO series lasers have the highest power in their class and offer the end user a unique combination of features, allowing rapid material processing and the ability to replace existing industrial processes.

Mr N. Kondo, President of JLC, states: "Powerlase systems offer clear advantages over their competitors, and offer industrially proven capabilities in the FPD, and other, markets. We've successfully operated within this market for many years, with many vendors. Through this partnership agreement, we are confirming our view that Powerlase is leading the way with its development of the laser technology and the applications.

"Powerlase has successfully combined high average power, high repetition rates, and high intensity pulses; a combination not previously available together. Its unique utilisation of these product features introduces laser processing into new and innovative applications. We're looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with a visionary and a deliverer of world-class laser applications," he added.

Tony King, Powerlase CEO adds: "Japan Laser Corporation will be a key partner for Powerlase. Its heritage and commitment to the successful implementation of applications driven laser solutions makes JLC a perfect fit for Powerlase as we continue to expand our global capacity and capability."

Contact: Paul Harrison

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