2 September 2006

Radan software helps Greenfield Engineering automate stock control and capacity planning

Advanced manufacturer of precision sheet metal components, Greenfield Engineering has installed around £40K-worth of Radan software at its Plymouth and Holsworthy sites to improve stock control and capacity planning. The package, which includes e2i, Radan 3D and Radpunch, represents a significant investment by the company in supplying an expanding customer base from a wide range of industry sectors.

"We firmly believe in installing the best technology we can buy for whatever process we are using at the time," explains managing director Frank Green. "A steady growth in business prompted us to make this investment and Radan offered the best solution."

"We needed a total package for the whole of our business and we could either stay with our current software supplier or look at what others could offer," says operations manager Gary Burnard. "It took us several months to make a decision and it came down to a choice between our existing supplier and Radan. Both companies and their respective software were put to the test ‘side by side' with a range of different problems and quite simply, Radan ticked all the boxes."

"Greenfield offers much more than most subcontractors," explains Mr Green. "For a growing number of customers we link directly into their software systems for things like online scheduling and Radan is right on the pulse in this regard. The next step will be to upload customer purchase orders straight into our system and be able to accurately track the progress of every job in real time.

"The CAD/CAM systems have been up and running for a couple of months and we're in the middle of user training with e2i. As we are uploading our existing data into the new system, we have taken the opportunity to clean it up and get rid of anything we don't need. It will probably be a few months before we can truly appreciate the benefits. Even so, the system is proving user-friendly and performing well at all levels."

Contact: Emma Tyreman

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