2 September 2006

Salvagnini at EuroBlech launch the new with MCL and ADL laser automation

EuroBLECH 2006, to be held in Hanover from 24 to 28 October, is a major exhibition of sheet metalworking technology in action, brought by more than 1.400 exhibitors from over 30 countries worldwide. This German exhibition has been described as "the most important showcase for the future of sheet metal". Salvagnini has reserved a stand of 1000 m2 where it will demonstrate the very latest technology, along with its most recent achievements in terms of performance, productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Included on the Salvagnini stand is the new laser machine, with integrated MCL Cartesian manipulator for laser systems and the new ADL loader/unloader for a high degree of automation.

One of the most important new features of the is the new focusing head, which has been totally redesigned and will now accept both 5" and 7.5" lenses. Another important innovation is the motorized balanced lens axis, which has reduced cycle times while increasing cutting quality. In fact, the cutting pressure now required has been shown to be 1-1.5 bars lower than usual, allowing a 10-15% reduction in cutting gas consumption and a significant decrease in annual running costs. The also features an improved fume extractor and a new chiller that is smaller and consumes less than the previous version; the independent external air dryer has been made more powerful, improving the quality of the air in the optical path and blower devices, and the lens cooling system has been modified. Considerable improvements have been made to the nesting software, thanks to a new honeycomb-type calculation algorithm which guarantees almost perfect blank use and common cut optimization to minimize scrap percentages. The new, fully centralized Salvagnini SiX controller features digital drives that are the result of important technical cooperation between Moog, Comau and Salvagnini and represent the state-of-the-art in terms of performance and economy.

MCL Cartesian manipulator for laser systems

The MCL connection is the new Salvagnini solution for picking up and stacking the parts processed on laser systems. It consists of a Cartesian manipulator, which can select, pick up and stack the parts produced on the and L2 laser systems, automatically arranging itself over the parts to be picked up in accordance with their reachability. Extraordinarily flexible, the MCL is an innovative unloading system which is used to stack the laser cut parts in a large stacking area, bringing flexible batch-one processing to laser systems, which were traditionally penalized when it came to handling and sorting the cut parts. Cut parts of many different sizes can be picked up from the processed sheet: the suction cups move independently to take the smallest ones (down to 100 mm long), whereas the two gripping devices move together synergistically in order to lift the largest ones (over 2000 mm long).

ADL for maximum automation

With the integration of the brand new ADL component, Salvagnini has completed the automation of its laser systems. The ADL loads the starting sheets and unloads both the scrap and the parts that remain on the worktable, eliminating the intermediate processing phases (pick-up/ stacking) and leaving the operator free to perform other tasks.

Contact: Jon Grainger

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