2 September 2006

Spectra-Physics Announces new DPSS and Direct Diode Lasers

Spectra-Physics, a Division of Newport Corporation, has announced new Excelsior™ low power, continuous wavelength lasers at 375, 405, 440, 635, and 785 nm and has expanded its 532 nm offering to include 50 mW multi-mode and 200 mW single frequency versions. These new are targeted at a wide range of applications including flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, quantum dot pumping, confocal microscopy, computer-to-plate (CTP) and DVD mastering.

"Spectra-Physics is pleased to enhance our Excelsior laser family, and we will continue to expand this product family in order to cover all of the wavelengths required by our customers," said Jürgen Niederhofer, Product Manager for Spectra-Physics. "To date, our Excelsior lasers have been readily adopted by our OEM customers because of the consistent platform strategy and simplified product integration the product-family offers. We believe that these new devices are an ideal choice for our customers developing cutting-edge bioinstrumentation, graphics and marking solutions where size and simplicity are driving factors."

Offering the smallest footprint in their class, the Excelsior lasers are stand-alone devices that are easy-to-use and operate. An integrated active light loop guarantees that every Excelsior laser delivers outstanding output power stability over a wide temperature range.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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