23 September 2006

ORLIN Technologies news

ORLIN Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of a new website and on-line shop exclusively for their extensive range of opto-mechanical components from OpMount Instrument Inc of Taiwan. The site can be found at the memorable address, and offers pricing and full technical specifications for nearly six-hundred products, including lens mounts, translation stages, optical rail systems, posts, clamps and much more.

The range of adjustable optic mounts is particularly impressive with "in-between" sizes not offered by other suppliers, which means optic adaptors are often not required. Also, kinematic design and 100 tpi precision adjustment screws feature as standard on all models.

Despite the high specifications, pricing on all products is extremely competitive with the major suppliers - for example 1" diameter optic mounts start at less than £40.

For maximum convenience customers can place orders on-line and track progress by logging into their account.

Contact: Martin Bell

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