1 October 2006

Laser Physics launch the new ‘Intellilock' range of intelligent interlock systems

The new ‘Intellilock' range of intelligent interlock systems from Laser Optical Engineering are informative, tamperproof, Fail-to-Safe, low voltage and have retrofit capability. They are designed to be suitable for both laser and machine applications and represent a step forward from currently available systems with intuitive displays and modern design. Each system can be configured to operate a number of door and equipment interlocks with each interlock node having a unique address so that the system will display which specific interlock has been disabled.

Features include: Hard-wired interlock circuit – independent of software; Fail-to-safe – power, tampering; 8x256 Individually addressed interlocks; System/cabinet interlock inputs; Room/door interlock inputs; ‘Laser On' sign outputs; System sensor inputs; Laser shutter outputs; Interlocks are daisy chained; Scalable; Active intelligent monitoring; Test for tampering/removal; System displays the location of open interlocks; System displays the location of disabled interlocks; Key switched - locked in override mode; Low voltage (5Vdc); Laser interlock output is an independent circuit rated to 1A @ 24Vdc; System feedback – high visibility LCD and LEDs; Conforms to Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive; Conforms to EN 954-1 (Category 4 safety system)

Options available include: Individually addressed output/input nodes; Standard ‘Laser On' sign – LED output; Advanced ‘Laser Info' sign – LED output, programmable to provide specific system information i.e. which laser systems are currently on or cabinet interlock overide on; Laser Shutters – Custom designed to suite specific application; Cabinet/Door interlock switches; Built in battery pack for portability.

The interlock system is undergoing constant improvement with new features such as key coded entry control, portable battery operation and door information panels being developed. If you have any specific custom requirements then please call us to discuss as it is likely we can incorporate them into new designs.

Contact: Peter Bennett

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