1 October 2006

Newport's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division Sets New Output Power Record with a ProLite® Diode Laser Bar

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Division has achieved 714 Watts (W) of Continuous Wavelength (CW) operation using ProLite? diode lasers. In a nondestructive test, Spectra-Physics used 940 nm diode laser bars that incorporate the company's newest epitaxial design, a start-of-the-art growth process, and industry-leading device engineering. "Once again we have achieved a tremendous breakthrough in diode laser performance and have shattered any previous recorded data. We are very excited to announce over 700W of output power and a peak power conversion efficiency of more than 65% from our diode laser bars," said Franck Leibreich, Marketing Director, Spectra-Physics, a Division of Newport. Even at 714W the power conversion efficiency was still above 57%. In addition, temperature sensitivity was very low – 714W at 15ÂșC, 702W at 25ÂșC and 680W at 35ÂșC."

Leibreich continued, "Because the results of this experiment were limited by the power supply, we believe that we have only scratched the surface of the benefits and capabilities of our new diode laser platform. We will continue to test these diode laser solutions and we look forward to transitioning these new devices to manufacturing so that our customers can benefit from these new performance breakthroughs."

Spectra-Physics' line of ProLite? diode lasers includes a wide range of solutions that span the 780 nm to 980 nm range. Single emitter and fiber-coupled single emitter lasers offer several watts of direct output. The company's multi-emitter laser bars and fiber-coupled bars enable operation at 10 W and up. In addition, Spectra-Physics' Monsoon? stacks are able to provide output from 50 W up to the kilowatt range for power intensive applications.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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