7 October 2006

TWI offers Framework 7 assistance to SMEs

FP7 will be the EU's chief instrument for funding scientific research and technological development over the period from 2007 – 2013. One of the main themes proposed will be ‘Research for the benefit of SME's', and in this area the Commission will be looking for projects similar in structure and operation to the older CRAFT projects. These are projects in which a group of SME's (and sometimes a larger organisation) together with an RTO (such as TWI) collaborate, in what is usually a three-year research project. TWI is interested in forming partnerships with groups of SME's (and indeed large organisations) who have an interest in establishing new projects for FP7 in the area of laser materials processing.

Anyone interested in participating in such a European Commission supported project can contact Paul Hilton at TWI, if possible providing an indication of the area of research they might be interested in.

Contact: Paul Hilton

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