9 November 2006

Aerotech's Nservo digital controller module

Aerotech's Nservo digital servo controller was developed to provide interconnectivity between existing analogue servo drive systems and the Firewire™ based, A3200 Digital Automation Platform as a performance and function upgrade. The Nservo has been further improved to include command and feedback interfacing between the A3200 and piezo/ceramic servo motor drives and galvo based servo systems.

This feature will be of interest to users of existing piezo and galvo drives but will also be a benefit to system designers considering new-build motion and machine control applications using this technology. It will also provide manufacturers and system integrators using any mix of servo, piezo, ceramic or galvo driven multi axis positioning systems, the potential to upgrade and extend the life of their capital investment - by replacing their performance and function limited motion and machine control systems with the award winning A3200 Digital Automation Platform, whilst retaining their existing servo drives, motors and positioning components.

The Nservo digital controller is available in two or four axis versions, each equipped with two Firewire® ports and an optional 10 Base T Ethernet interface which may be used to add third party I/O, PLC or other control components to the system.

Three Nservo models fulfil interconnection with almost any type of existing analogue servo system. The Nservo-TB option is used for all third party servo amplifiers and piezo/ceramic drives where removable screw-terminal connectors are used to interconnect the required functions. The -DB range is used for system upgrade of existing Aerotech amplifiers such as the BA series where 25 pin, D type connectors are used for amplifier and encoder connection. The –OP model is used for older Aerotech legacy products such DR300, DR500, DR600 and DR 800 drive racks where a single connector will interface to the racks using the OP cable assembly.

For additional motorised servo axes or for completely new systems, the A3200's motion module may be complemented with Aerotech's full-featured Ndrive servo amplifiers available in a wide range of power options. These CE approved servo drives are available with PWM and linear power stages with digital current, velocity, and position loops for improved motion stability with encoder or resolver feedback. Each Ndrive includes a complement of I/O and optional Ethernet interface for system expansion to third party devices. Rack mounted versions (Npaq) and Stepper drives (Nstep) are also available.

Contact: Cliff Jolliffe

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