9 November 2006

All new nitrogen generator is the world's most efficient

domnick hunter has revealed a new and improved nitrogen gas generator that gives new levels of performance, reliability and efficiency.

On-site nitrogen gas generation has witnessed steady growth in popularity owing to long-term cost savings and increased end user control over supply, compared to other gas sources such as cylinders and bulk liquid. Applications range from modified atmosphere packaging of foods to inert electronic assembly.

The new improvements are based on direct customer feedback and a general trend in the marketplace towards larger nitrogen generators. The new MAXIGAS uses highly reliable Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate nitrogen molecules from normal compressed air and produce quality nitrogen gas with purities up to 10ppm as standard. New features include equalisation technology and a user-friendly interface.

Equalisation gives substantial improvements in air to nitrogen ratios; on average this is reduced by 20%, which gives huge energy savings. In addition, outlet pressures of 16 bar can now be achieved without the need of a costly pressure booster and an intuitive control panel can be password protected for increased QA benefit.

The new system is perfect for laser cutting, electronics and metal heat treatment applications, where large amounts of nitrogen gas are required. However the system also benefits other industries including food and beverage processing with the cost per cubic metre of nitrogen gas lowered by up to 90%.

Bill Zorlutuna, Market Sector Manager, says "Reliability was our key consideration during this new product development, therefore comprehensive endurance testing of components and pressure testing has been undertaken. We are confident that MAXIGAS is the world's most efficient nitrogen generator."

In a separate new product development domnick hunter has launched the world's first complete DEOXO solution to reduce impurity levels in the nitrogen to 5ppm by removing trace oxygen. The compact skid unit includes integral hydrogen cell technology, filtration and heat regenerative compressed air dryers. The solution is well suited to applications including metal heat treatments and gives incredible cost savings of around 60% compared to other forms of nitrogen generation.

Contact: Phil Green

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