9 November 2006

II-VI news

SemiSouth Laboratories, the silicon carbide (SiC) research and development company recently opened its new SiC manufacturing facility in Starkville, Mississippi. The event also marked the grand opening of II-VI Incorporated's Wide Bandgap Materials Group's (II-VI WBG) SiC wafer processing clean room, located inside the new SemiSouth facility. The collaboration between II-VI and SemiSouth will provide manufacturing development and scale-up capabilities for SiC substrates used in high-voltage, high-temperature, and high frequency electronics applications, including radar, power conversion, and radio-frequency transistors.The partnership between the two companies will be mutually beneficial, as well as benefit the greater Starkville area.

"II-VI is a world leader in its field and will be an invaluable partner with SemiSouth in growing this part of Mississippi into a high-technology magnet for future development," Representative Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi) said. Regarding the fast-growing markets for SiC products, II-VI CEO Carl Johnson said, "We believe that close collaboration with SemiSouth will enable both companies to make rapid progress in technology development and ultimately will lead to a more efficient and effective [SiC] manufacturing process."

The demand for SiC substrates is already proving beneficial to II-VI. In July, the company received a $1 million order for 3-inch SiC substrates that will be used in the manufacturing of RF power transistors for cellular base station applications.

Contact: Gareth Rowles

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