9 November 2006

Jetcam demonstrates new cutting CADCAM features

Jetcam demonstrated the latest version of its Expert CADCAM software for punching, profiling and routing technologies at Fabtech, being held at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA between October 31st and 2nd November 2006. The latest version has seen further significant advances in nesting efficiency, administration security and ease of use.

Jetcam Expert offers a system that provides complete interaction, complete automation, or a mixture of anything in between depending on each user's unique requirements. The Remote Control Processing (RCP) allows external programs (such as MRP) to completely automate the programming and NC code generation process for complete hands-off operation

Profiling users are benefiting from advances in Jetcam's common line cutting features, reducing machine cycle time and material use. Free-form high performance nesting (FFHPN), yields further significant material savings, with existing customer Bombardier in Canada seeing a return on investment for their entire Jetcam Expert installation for their composite machines in just two months due to material savings alone.

The latest version of Jetcam Orders Controller (JOC) was on display. JOC allows for the remote creation of orders for components or assemblies within Jetcam Expert, and also provides a comprehensive reporting module. If used in conjunction with RCP, customers can expect a completely hands-free NC programming system, with machine operators using JOC to queue up orders, and the relevant NC code arriving at the right machine within seconds.

Commented Martin Bailey, Group Marketing Manager; "There is growing awareness that software, if it's good, is not just another expense but a way of adding efficiency and reducing costs and if it's very good of even recouping its costs in as little as a few weeks. By automating common processes we reduce programming time and the possibility for error. Machine cutting time and material waste are also reduced through high optimization of the code for each machine. We now support virtually every punching, routing, profiling and knife cutting machine on the market today."

Also on the booth was Camtek, Jetcam's sister company. They demonstrated the complete PEPS SolidCut suite of programming systems, consisting of milling, turning, wire EDM, 5-axis laser and tube cutting applications.

Contact: Carol Hart

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