9 November 2006

Management Buy Out of Oxford Lasers

Oxford Lasers has been wholly acquired by its management team. This follows a very successful period where sales have grown by over 60% in 12 months and the company has completely updated its product line. New products include the advanced Picolase micromachining system installed at the Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff, UK and the production hardened Probedrill series.

Previously the company had been majority owned by private equity backers. Following the deal the management team owns 100% of the equity.

John Baker, Chief Executive of Oxford Lasers said, "We are absolutely delighted. The company has an outstanding range of new products and services and we are ideally positioned to supply a complete range of laser solutions to our customers. We have had one of the most successful periods in the company's history and have clear plans to continue this strong growth. In 2007 we are planning several major new product launches."

Founded in 1977, Oxford Lasers is a world-leader in providing laser-based solutions to industrial and scientific markets. Products include advanced Laser Micromachining and Imaging systems that are used in a wide range of high technology sectors. The Micromachining systems can machine a wide range of difficult materials and produce features down to 1┬Ám that are some of the smallest available in the world. The Imaging systems produce size, velocity and acceleration data for clouds and sprays of micron sized particles moving at high speed.

The company is based in Didcot, UK and Boston, USA.

Contact: Andrew Kearsley

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