9 November 2006

Midaz announces major breakthrough in high-performance compact lasers

Midaz Lasers Ltd - a spinout company from Imperial College - is developing a range of diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers, which will outperform other solid state laser products available today.

"This is an enormous step forward in laser technology. We are confident that Midaz has a significant lead over competitors because of our ability to provide simultaneously Q-switched very high power, high beam quality and a wide range of pulse repetition rate in small laser packaging. We are now very close to launching our products after several years research in my Laser Group at Imperial College London," said Founder and CTO Professor Mike Damzen.

Midaz lasers utilise standard componentry, which ensures repeatable and reliable performance. Low build costs will enable Midaz to compete with traditional laser source manufacturers in industrial applications. The company is aiming to develop new business by offering OEM laser modules as alternatives to industrial inkjet printers. Several major systems integrators and OEMs are talking to the company with a view to securing early sales.

Thanks to seed capital from Imperial College and Dr Paul Atherton (Chairman and lead Investor), Midaz has moved into a new facility and is at the point of testing its prototypes for final manufacture.

Contact: Michael Damzen

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