9 November 2006

Newport announces the 466A Series XYZ Flexure Stages

Newport Corporation today announced a new line of flexure stages for high precision manipulation. Newport's new 466A series, a development of the immensely popular stage by Martock Design, uses a patented nested flexure that ensures compact three-axis xyz motion. These stages are an ideal solution for applications such as fibre alignment, waveguide alignment, optical packaging and fiber launch.

"Our new 466A Series xyz Flexure Stages are an excellent option for our scientific research, bioscience, waveguide test and manufacturing, fiber optic packaging, and PC fiber research customers because they offer a stiffer and more stable platform than other available flexure designs," said Rick Sebastian, Product Manager, at Newport. "They incorporate a proven design that virtually eliminates both friction and wear. A wide range of mounting accessories and interchangeable adjusters ensures that the 466A-series flexure stage can be easily configured to many different applications."

Contact: Jon Richardson

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