9 November 2006

World's first complete DEOXO solution for high demand nitrogen users

domnick hunter, leading provider of filtration and speciality gas generation solutions, is launching the world's first ever complete DEOXO solution to improve the purity of nitrogen gas.

DEOXO is the ideal solution for applications that have a large demand for high purity nitrogen such as metal heat treatments where nitrogen is used to reduce oxidation by blanketing furnaces.

The complete skid mounted solution is housed in a durable cabinet and includes hydrogen cell technology. Nitrogen with an impurity level of 1%, generated by a MAXIGAS nitrogen generator also from domnick hunter, is input to the DEOXO unit, where hydrogen is created from deionised water, the reaction removes trace oxygen to reduce nitrogen impurity to 5ppm.

New levels of reliability are achieved by the advanced hydrogen cell technology and the system has a 10 year life with only minimal maintenance requirements.

DEOXO gives huge cost savings compared to bulk liquid nitrogen. Although high demand applications have previously used multi-banked MAXIGAS generators, resulting in long-term cost savings, the initial capital investment required was relatively high. DEOXO gives substantial cost savings compared to multi-banking of around 60%.

Bill Zorlutuna, Market Sector Manager, says "DEOXO opens new markets for domnick hunter, we can now supply applications that would have previously been dependent on very costly bulk liquid nitrogen and these customers will gain all of the advantages afforded by on-site nitrogen generation including increased control of supply for increased production efficiencies."

Additional advantages include a relatively small footprint compared to bulk liquid tanks that also require tanker access, onboard modem as standard for remote monitoring of system parameters / service intervals and a user friendly touch screen interface.

Contact: Phil Green

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