18 November 2006

Aerotech's delivers .NET programming for motion control applications

Aerotech offer a range of .NET enabled motion and machine control solutions that help to reduce application development timescales, facilitate integration of third party automation devices and simplify information exchange processes for OEM's and builders of innovative production machinery and automated test equipment.

Aerotech's A3200 Digital Automation Platform for distributed multi-axis motion and machine control, the Ensemble™ Epaq multi-axis stand-alone packaged drive system and the single-axis Soloist™ integrated drive with large-axis networking capability, all share the Microsoft .NET development environment and also offer Active-X programming objects, C++ class libraries and LabVIEW® virtual instrument integration.

The A3200 is an award winning, software based motion and machine control system that uses the processing power of the PC to combine a powerful 32-axis motion engine with optional modules for essential machine control functions such as PLC, HMI and vision systems. It uses the PC to calculate complex multi-axis trajectories and I/O functions and communicates fully deterministic axis and I/O commands over its high-speed industry standard Firewire® network to Aerotech's Ndrive digital amplifiers. The Ndrive provides smooth speed control, high precision and excellent in-position stability for brushless, brushed dc, and stepper motors.

All Aerotech .NET enabled motion control solutions are comprehensively backed up with application training, manuals and full customer support. The complete range of Aerotech positioning systems and motion controls can be seen at

Contact: Cliff Jolliffe

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