18 November 2006

Radan 07 CAD/CAM software for sheet metal applications

Radan 07, the latest version of Radan Computational's industry-leading CAD/CAM software for sheet metal applications, incorporates a wealth of new functionality to maximise material utilisation and reduce cycle times.

Available to customers at the end of November, Radan 07's enhanced ‘True Shape' nesting capabilities deliver greater material utilisation than ever before – through the ability to nest components around clamps, provide finer angular orientation of parts within the nest and accurately compensate for individual tool shapes. As a result, parts can be nested closer together without the risk of destroying the raw material skeleton, or closely oriented parts being damaged through tool interference.

Radan 07 also incorporates improved methods for handling partly used sheets – to further reduce material wastage. Offcuts can be automatically recorded for later use by Radan's ‘Remnant Nesting' tools and the nester will evaluate all stored remnants before selecting the best one to use.

A further feature of Radan 07 is its support of fly cutting on a wide variety of profiling machines. With no tooling lead-in or lead-out, this advanced technique enables laser cutting cycle times to be reduced dramatically on workpieces that include grids of holes or matrices of repeated profiles.

Contact: Kevin O'Connor

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