28 November 2006

ALFALAS® "MOF" demonstrates cork marking

At this year's Fakuma (hall A1, booth 1302) TAMPOPRINT® AG will be presenting, for the first time to the public, a fully automated laser system for the marking of synthetic wine corks. Due to a lack of natural resources (cork) the demand for synthetic corks made of foamed plastic, is rapidly increasing; but until now their decoration and marking has been problematic. Conventional methods like offset printing have limited applicability due to poor ink adhesion, a lack of flexibility and problems regarding the applicable food additive regulations. The solution for all these disadvantages is the marking and decorating by means of a laser marking system.

The world's new technology of TAMPOPRINT® AG allows a fully automated high-speed and first quality laser marking and decoration of synthetic corks without any additional costs for inks or clichés. The new technology guarantees highest machine availability,

The advantages of this new development are: Direct and permanent marking and decoration; No use of inks or clichés; No pre-treatment of the corks necessary; No UV drying lamps required; Highest machine availability; Smallest series possible without additional costs.

Contact: Steve Thompson

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