28 November 2006

Laser marking "On the Fly" now also on the circumference with ALFALAS® "MOF-Dimension"

After the successful market launch of the "MOF"-ALFALAS®-Laser systems in the bottle cap industry, TAMPOPRINT® AG's new development is the "MOF-Dimension", which allows high-speed marking on the circumference of rotationally symmetric parts (e.g. long caps) ‘on the Fly' i.e. while passing through without stopping, on the circumference. In this way no valuable processing time is lost.

One of the first applications that were realised is a vodka closure marked on the circumference (360°). The fully automated system can mark up to 20.000 parts per hour. The closures are placed onto an inclined belt conveyor as bulk material. Then they are sorted and feeded to a transport conveyor with respective jigs. Afterwards the parts are feeded to the laser station for marking. During the marking the parts are turned (360°) and move with a speed of approx. 30 meters per minute.

The advantages of this new development are: very large quantities since no time is lost due to the cycling of the machine; very compact design of the machine; a multitude of application possibilities (scale rings etc.); simplest operation due to special software modules; highest machine availability.

Contact: Steve Thompson

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