28 November 2006

Prima laser machine helps PAB increase accuracy and throughput

A Prima high speed Platino laser cutting machine, complete with 10-storey automatic work handling system, has been selected by automotive and aerospace sheet metalworking specialist PAB Coventry to increase its manufacturing capacity for high precision profiled parts.

Capable of achieving cutting speeds of 140 m/min and head acceleration of 12 m/s2, the new Prima machine has a 3 metre by 1.5 metre bed and is equipped with a 4 kW laser suitable for cutting mild steel components up to 25 mm thick.

"As a Tier 1 supplier to leading automotive OEMs including Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land-Rover, high accuracy with fast throughput are key requirements for us," says PAB's laser systems manager, John Laud. "The new Prima machine supersedes an existing laser profiler and thanks to its automated work handling system enables us to run jobs unattended right through the night if needed.

"The Platino machine both fully supports our multi-shift manufacturing operations and provides significant cycle time reductions across the 500 different laser cut components we currently produce on site."

The new machine's high dynamics are backed by exceptional precision, enabling it to achieve positional accuracy of 0.03 mm across its entire work area, along with a repeatability of 0.03 mm. This is achieved through a fixed workpiece design and the use of advanced flying optics. The Platino's productivity and performance are also enhanced by its off-line programming capabilities, optional nesting software and in-built anti-collision safety device.

Further features include simple installation, automatic and programmable control of the equipment's focal position and rapid lens changes, enabling instant switching between material types and a wide variety of sheet thicknesses, without adjustment.

PAB's selected 10-storey tower server is one of a series of work handling options for the Platino machine, which include automatic pallet changers, sheet loaders and flexible loading and storage units.

Contact: Joe Attuoni

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