28 November 2006

UTC –crown caps with Alfalas Promo "MOF"

The development of the Alfalas Promo "MOF" by TAMPOPRINT allows laser marking the inside of crown caps (i.e. under the cap) of information (logo, text) for promotional purposes. The crown caps are marked "on the Fly" while passing the scanning head.

Due to the combination of approved hardware and a software component especially developed for this application (TP_mix), it is possible to lasermark variable elements up to 1.500 crown caps per minute.

For high volume lotteries, not only high speed is requested: the process stability (to avoid manipulations; protocols) is top priority. For this purpose, all machine activities are recorded to allow detailed analysis possible at any time. The TP_mix software provides a wide range of standard lottery types, so the crown caps can be laser marked with, for example, pin codes (i.e. unique message) or with logos. The compact design of the machine allows its integration into existing production lines or offline operation with an accordant feeding system.

All functions of the system are operated with a graphical user interface by means of "Touch Screens". Different user rights are available, e. g. production, operation and administration, so that the software can be easily adjusted to the customer's requirements. The integrated microcontroller-monitoring guarantees an optimal level of production safety.

Contact: Steve Thompson

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