8 March 2007

Newport Expands Family of Ultra-Narrow Linewidth, Tunable Ring Lasers

Newport's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has launched the new Matisse™ TX Ti:Sapphire ring laser. It incorporates an electro-optical modulator (EOM) in the laser cavity and utilizes the Pound-Drever-Hall stabilization technique to deliver very fast cavity length stabilization and an ultra-narrow linewidth below 50 kHz.

"We are very excited to unveil the new Matisse TX because once again, we have set the industry standard for ring laser performance," said Lee McCrumb, Product Manager for Newport's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division. "We believe that this laser is an excellent solution for scientific research applications including high-resolution spectroscopy, atom cooling and magneto-optic trapping, atomic clocks, and Bose-Einstein condensates."

The Spectra-Physics Matisse series of ring lasers are built on a mechanically and acoustically isolated massive Invar baseplate, with further damping of the individual optical mounts, to provide the cavity excellent narrow spectra bandwidth. Every model is mirror-scanned with a precise long-travel piezo to allow single frequency scanning over 50 GHz while maintaining stable power output, and without mode hopping. They are controlled with high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) technology, featuring user-friendly open-source software. The combination of these elements results in unprecedented spectral resolution and stability.

With its modular design, the Matisse can be configured - initially at purchase, or later as a field upgrade - for either Ti:Sapphire or a dye solution as the laser gain medium, and for linewidths ranging from 20 MHz down to 50 kHz.

Contact: Jon Richardson

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