26 March 2007

ByVention The perfect supplement to existing high-end laser cutting machines

ByVention was developed specifically to meet market requirements. A market analysis carried out prior to the start of the development showed that 80 percent of all laser-cut parts have a thickness of less than 8 millimetres and a size of up to 500 x 500 millimetres. With a purchase price some 50 percent lower than conventional high-end laser machines and a working area of 772 x 1552 millimetres, ByVention thus covers more than 80 percent of the applications in 2D laser cutting.

"Thanks to a new operating and control concept, ByVention is uniquely user-friendly," said Bystronic's UK Managing Director Dave Larcombe. "The training required in order to be able to operate the machine has been reduced to an absolute minimum. ByVention is controlled using pre-defined program and cutting parameters entered via a manual control unit with a touch screen; thus it is very easy to operate for all users. Already after a half-day's training, the user is master of the control functions together with the incorporated functions so that the complete potential of the machine can be fully utilised immediately after commissioning."

The prime characteristics of the new, powerful operating concept include: step-by-step instructions; operator guidance; optimised number of cutting parameters; values adjustable using the hand wheel; a limited number of screens; selection of ten languages; integrated online help.

The footprint of the ByVention is just 6 x 6 metres. The control cabinet and the laser source are integrated in the mineral casting frame and form a single unit. The compact design permits the laser beam to be kept short, which is the basis for high-precision cutting results. The cooling unit and the exhaust filter have been combined in a second compact unit. Hence ByVention is the most compact laser cutting machine for standard-sized sheets of 3000mm x 1500mm.

ByVention's new material flow concept (patent pending) ensures immediate availability of the cut parts as well as a high level of flexibility when using different sizes of material and residual sheets. Finished parts are continuously and automatically transported out of the cutting area. They are available to the user even during the cutting process. The new material flow and processing concept means that a shuttle table is unnecessary.

The two year warranty and the preventive maintenance included in the price, permit the user to operate around the clock and ensure the highest reliability of the machine. Already during the design and the development phases of the machine, emphasis was placed on rapid and simple servicing and hence good all-round access was assured. The two-year maintenance contract can be individually adapted and includes preventive maintenance at least once per year. Thus during the first two years, the only costs incurred by the operating company are the operational and auxiliary material costs.

For comparatively modest investment costs, the customer receives a complete package comprising: fully operational machine; peripheral units; Bysoft CAD/CAM package; delivery right to the shop floor; commissioning and basic training; two year warranty and preventive maintenance.

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Contact: Dave Larcombe

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