26 March 2007

New Website Launched For Laserdyne

Manufacturing engineers searching for the latest multi-axis drilling and processing solutions will find Laserdyne's all new website helpful and easy to navigate. Containing information on the Laserdyne790, 450 and 430 systems, the site helps to explain Laserdyne's technology and approach to providing the most productive laser processing for aerospace, turbine engine, medical and critical part manufacturing applications.

The site is integrated into Prima North America's new website, which includes information on Prima Systems and Convergent Lasers.

Laserdyne's latest hardware and software developments are featured, showing how Laserdyne has become the world leader and preferred laser processing system for difficult aerospace, turbine engine and medical applications. Case histories are included in the site providing user documentation and pictures on important application areas such as cycle time reductions, productivity gains and quality improvements. Service and support information is also detailed along with user training, news and upcoming events. The site can be searched by keyword, is nicely indexed and has complete contact information including arranging a site visit to the Laserdyne facility.

"We designed our new website to be a resource to our customers and prospective customers who want to know about our technologies," reports Mark Barry, Laserdyne vice president of sales. "Through it we will expand the information available about our work in laser processing and Laserdyne products and services."

Go to for more information on this new website.


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