16 April 2007

JPSA Announces 100mm Sapphire Wafer Dicing for Higher LED Production

J. P. Sercel Associates announces 100mm sapphire wafer dicing capability developed with the IX-200 Chromadice™ DPSS UV laser wafer singulation system. The ability to process larger sapphire wafers means higher yields for LED manufacturers, according to Jeffrey P. Sercel, president.

"Our Chromadice™ system can process four (4) 100mm wafers per hour, compared to the previous ten (10) 2-inch wafers per hour" Sercel said, in making the announcement. "Since each 100mm wafer has four times as many die as a 2-inch wafer, a typical customer will now be cutting the equivalent of sixteen(16) 2-inch wafers per hour, per Chromadice™ system! That represents a dramatic increase in yields."

The IX-200 ChromaDice™ DPSS version is a high-precision wafer dicing (singulation) system also suitable for wafer trimming and scribing applications. Its UV diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser system delivers high-speed wafer dicing and cutting with typical yields greater than 99% at less than $2 per wafer. The process is tolerant of wafer warp and bow and suitable for all wafer types. The IX-200 system is also available in an excimer laser version for via drilling, micromachining, thin film patterning and many other semiconductor packaging applications including LED liftoff.

New high-accuracy Z-theta capable air bearing stages make the larger wafer processing possible, Sercel adds. "The IX-200 easily cuts the larger wafers without impinging on the 20-micron streets." The integrated Z-theta motorized stage boasts non-contact operation – as opposed to typical worm and wheel rotary designs. In addition to offering high precision operation, the new Z-theta stage provides 360 degrees of rotational capability, and its Z-axis capability makes it applicable to a wide range of applications, with the ability to accommodate wafers of varying thicknesses and diameters. Advantages of the new rotary stage include continuous or limited travel, excellent accuracy and repeatability, a cog-free motor for smooth motion; zero gear backlash; low wobble and bearing run-out; and no accuracy changes over time due to gear wear.

The Class 1, fully enclosed IX-200 ChromaDice™ is available in 266nm or 355nm UV-DPSS laser wavelengths for a wide range of process capabilities; it can achieve cuts as narrow as 2.5 microns in width, yielding as much as 24% more die per wafer with die yields greater than 99%. It delivers excellent results on GaAs, Si and other materials.

JPSA products and services include UV excimer, DPSS and ultrafast laser micromachining systems, UV and VUV laser beam delivery systems, UV laser materials processing development, optical damage testing, and excimer laser refurbishment services. JPSA operates a high-performance UV laser job shop as well as a systems engineering and manufacturing business.

Contact: Adrian Baughan

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